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We will endeavour in the promotion of our group and members within our workplaces and within the industry by speaking positively of others
HSE Connection Point
We focus on helping individuals and organizations to develop their skills and improve their knowledge in Health, Safety and the Environment.
We want to help candidates become Proffesionals and in the process try and reduce the loss of life at work.

We share poweful information, value adding topics, an array of HSE personnel to choose from. We have excellent HSE related documents being shared and various job opportunities for our members.
We strive to assist candidates and mentors have a meeting point.

We just so happen to be the lowest fee charging organization within the Health, Safety and Environmental Fraternity within South Africa.
We also offer a personal approach by helping our members through coaching techniques and getting the most out of them.
NPO and VA called HSE Connection Point  215-977.

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Message from the President
HSE Connection Point was established in 2013. We are an organization with passionate members, who believe in professionalism and fairness in the Health and Safety Profession.       
The purpose of the organisation is to reach out, not only to the professionals and those who have a passion for the Health, Safety & Environmental Profession, but to those that have lost their heart due to unfairness and other factors.

Our focus is to promote a culture of collaboration (partnership) and place a premium on teamwork, to create value for all our stakeholders.  As a Pr.CHA and a mentor within the industry, it is my core function to ensure I stay abreast of all changes within our field. This way we/ I educate all members, stakeholders and key role players, working together in making the Health, Safety & Environmental Profession one of the great significance.

This year 2020, our target is to be on the forefront to build HSE Connection Point as one of the Preferred Safety Associations; that assists our members as well as the public.

“Safety, is not the absence of events but safety is the presence of defence”

Fadley Valley President HSE Connection
Benefits of becoming a member of HSE Connection Point

We have listed a few of the benefits of being a part of this fast-growing group below.

Short term current services:

SACPCMP registration assistance;
Mentorship assistance with Candidate SACPCMP members;
Huge reduced prices from Sheilds for Nebosh & other International qualifications;
Job advertisements;
Lowest membership fees in the country;
Sharing HSE documents and information;
Posting of work opportunities by other members;
Network of members with senior members like advocates, lawyers and many corporate Managers;
Guiding professionals with study choices for improvement;
Arranging networking meetings allowing our members to network;
Immediately join our WhatsApp interactive groups;
Engaging with the DOL, CBE, DSD and the SACPCMP on a way forward for everyone to benefit;

Longer term planned services:

Value adding accredited training;
Seminars & webinars with international and local pioneers of HSE;
Learnership programs assisting with bursaries;
CPD points towards their registration;

Assisting our fellow brothers and sisters who are struggling to find employment and finding it difficult to get information within the industry.
Sharing our knowledge freely amongst each other and ensure we help each other progress within their careers and likewise helping fellow members to find employment as and when we can assist.
Being the helping hand to other junior and less experienced safety people who were now required to register without being given the guidance within the industry.
Price change from 01 November as our membeship cycle ends end Feb 2021